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Here is what a few of our customers had to say...

I'm a novice in a canoe and generally can't paddle for really long periods.  The BackSaver makes canoe seats comfortable!  I can paddle for a MUCH longer time because of the great support - my back doesn't get tired nearly as fast.  It's also much more comfortable for sight seeing!

                                                     - Trevor

After 25-30 years of visiting the Quetico and just sitting in a standard canoe seat, I was so pleased to see what a difference the CushGear backrest made, both while paddling and while fishing.  I like being able to lean back against the backrest support which is surprisingly solid.  What really makes it work, however, is the ease with which it folds down for portaging.

- Jim  

Lower back pain/ache was a problem for me during the MR340 I completed in a solo kayak in 2014.  I bought a tandem canoe for the additional inches of seat height above the bottom of the canoe and I added the CushGear BackSaver and have had no pain/ache issues with my back while paddling since then.  For the 2018 MR340 I located a 2002 Wenonah voyager and I am at least the 4th owner of this MR340 veteran.  The seat pedestal on the voyager needed to be replaced and the seat tubes needed to be modified to accommodate a BackSaver.  I called my friend “Cush” and told him of my needs.  He had Wenonah fabricate a new seat pedestal and he added new seat and slide tubes with BackSaver to the pedestal.  The back saver is a high quality product and the customer service from CushGear is excellent.  

 - Jay 

Cush Gear BackSavers are the first thing I pack for Boundary Waters Canoe Area adventures.  They feel so good by middle of the first day out.  BackSavers are indispensable the second day and beyond.  Easy to fold for portages, light, durable, adjustable for different bodies.  I credit BackSavers, and shorter portages, for providing me the delight of canoe trips now into my fourth decade.

- "Stevo The Guide"

(nickname given me years ago by family and new canoeing enthusiasts that have enjoyed BackSavers)

Canoe seat backrests for anyone who is a tripping canoe enthusiast are essential equipment. The cush gear version is far superior to all others I have tried ranging from rattan woven Old Town styles, (which are too heavy and not as easily stored to portage), plastic / rubber style (hot / not as supportive, not as adaptive), fabric (constantly shifting and pressure point prone). The Wood / Metal product design is supportive, easy to collapse, light and temperature immune.


Highly recommended.

- Terry 

We want to hear from you!  Send us your BackSaver experience and maybe we'll add it here!

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