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Believe it or not, Cush didn't start as a brand - before that it was a nickname...  

The man they call "Cush" has been a lifelong outdoors-man - camping, canoeing, fishing - you name it.  At age 50 he started looking for a little more comfort in his adventures and realized that none of the available options really worked.  So, he began to develop his own.  After years of trial, error, feedback, refinement, and repetition, CushGear was born.

CushGear isn't about a business, it's about enabling the pursuit of a passion.  The development of the BackSaver was first and foremost about Cush wanting to continue pursuing his outdoor adventures as long as possible with everyone from friends to grandkids.  The BackSaver has kept him on the water for over a decade and promises to live up to its name for him and anyone looking for a little more comfort.  

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